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Big Wave Surfing in Jardim Do Mar Portugal

Jardim Do Mar Portugal is a world famous destination for surfers from around the globe second only to Nazare on the Portuguese mainland

Surfing first started in Jardim Do Mar Portugal during the 1970s

Almost every wave is a minimum of six feet during the later part of the year Which is the perfect time to catch the big rollers

Getting to and from Jardim Do Mar Portugal

There are currently no public transport links from Madeiras main airport to Jardim Do Mar, currently most reasonable option is to book an airport transfer to your accommodation

You can easily book a funchal airport transfer to your accommodation with Madeiras favorite transfer company

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Jardim do mar portugal

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Jardim Do Mar Location

Jardim do Mar is a civil parish in the western part of the municipality of Calheta on the Portuguese island of Madeira. It is approximately 41 kilometres from Madeira Airport

jardim do mar portugal from above
jardim do mar promenade

Funchal, Madeira Island’s Capital

The city itself is nestled in a spectacular natural harbour, facing the blue Atlantic with a backdrop of dramatic mountains

Funchal Harbour

Funchal is located on the south coast of Madeira, where banana plantations and wonderful gardens with flowers bloom all year round

Funchal has also been, for many years, one of the Atlantic cruise ships main ports of call

The approach to Funchal harbour is well documented as one of the two most spectacular in the world, being on a par with Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

It has now become a tradition that most European cruise ships on their maiden voyage to stop in Funchal

The Hawaii of Europe

Madeiras only airport mainly receives flights from European countries due to Madeira being a favorite year round holiday destination

Madeira Hawaii of europe

Fauna and Flora

The Island of Madeira is very rich in fauna and flora due to its year round subtropical climate and range of microclimates

The Laurisilva is a protected Unesco World Heritage site, that contains a variety bird species and a high number of endemic species